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Green Cicada Real Decorative Sphere, unique oddity art


Art, Bones, Bugs & Nature

 Looking for unique décorEach piece is inspired by nature and lovingly handcrafted by one artist. From original art prints, bottled nature creations, shadowboxes and more, shop HouseWitch Artistry and bring home something
truly one of a kind.

Spellbinding Prints

Original and unexpected art prints, cards, and more created with a mix of materials like watercolor, inks, and gelpens. Each art piece has a nod of astrology, moody naturalism, and tarot. Find something that speaks to you.


Four of Swords Tarot Print, Original Artwork, HouseWitch Artistry, Dark & Moody Prints
Deer Skull and Butterfly Decor, Dark Moody Decor, Crystals, Natural Decor, Cottagecore

 Nature Creations

Not your usual oddities. Bottled nature scenes add a touch of whimsy to any space. Bell jars, cloches and other glassware filled with insects, crystals, dried florals and recycled animal bones create a stunning display. 

No two are ever the same. 


Always Ethical

No creatures were harmed to create any artwork.
All materials were recycled from nature or handpicked
for their ethicality. Insects come from sustainable, conservation friendly shops and are carefully pinned in-house. Dried florals are all gathered from my garden. Resident
Dermestid beetles are used to clean bones reused from roadkill or found in nature. 

Want to learn more about the process?

Crystal Studded Alligator Skull, Dark Moody Decor, Crystals, Natural Decor, Cottagecore, Odd Decor, Upscale Taxidermy

New Arrivals


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